Loving Care Animal society has dreamt of being able to offer pet wellness services, and beginning on November 14th, 2019, we will be able to do just that—right here on our property!
Services will include: wellness medical check-ups, vaccinations, ear cleaning, basic wound care, microchipping, offering of preventatives, teeth cleaning, nail trimming, glands extractions, and more.
Please email us at to book an appointment today.
Call it serendipity, but I can not think of how else to explain my good luck in being a part of Loving Care Animal Clinic and the community in and around Panaca. If it had not been for an unfortunate vehicle encounter with a couple of pronghorn antelope this last April, and then the generous assistance of Daniel and his toolbox after we had limped into Panaca with a “totaled” car, I would not have had the pleasure of experiencing this wonderful place.
Nevada is a big part of my family history as my great grandparents settled in Gardnerville in 1887, where they established the Lampe Ranch. My grandmother was born there and my father worked and lived on the ranch during the Depression. It was a place that my family regularly visited and as of April, 2018, the National Park Service listed the ranch on the National Register of Historic Places.
I grew up in California and have been practicing veterinary medicine since graduating from Washington State University. For a number of years, I was in a mixed animal practice and for the past 8 years, I have been focusing on small animal medicine and surgery in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have two adult sons and a mother, who all live in California.
Sue and Max had the vision of providing much needed veterinary care to the animals of this area and I am delighted to become a part of this wonderful team of people. I look forward to meeting many of you, as we care for your four-legged friends. See you soon!
Cece Olson, DVM


The Loving Care Animal Society grooming is open Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Pricing is $20 for small dogs under 30lbs and $30 for dogs above 30lbs. Also, add $15 for cuts or shaves.
Nail trims are just $8

Hospice Care

At times, Loving Care will assist pets in need of end-of-life assistance.  Please contact us at 800.441.3125 or 775-728-4109 for more information.
Any questions about the clinic or grooming services? Email Caitlyn –


Having your pet spayed and neutered is critically important for many reasons. See our Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of the home page for more detailed information about this important procedure. Spaying or neutering is important for many reasons, such as the better long-term health of your pet, and the fact that your pet will be less likely to roam or to spray. And importantly, there is much over-population of dogs and cats, many homeless. Thousands of dogs and cats continue to lose their lives across the United States.
Loving Care offers low cost spay/neuter certificates to those pet owners in need. We also offer trap/neuter/return services for outdoor free-roaming cats, as we must also help to stop the breeding of this population.
The dream of Loving Care is to be able to offer our own spay/neuter surgeries on-site, but presently we can only offer wellness services. If your pet is in need of a spay/neuter surgery, we are able to assist with transportation, and again can offer a low-cost voucher/certificate to be used at our partner veterinarians in neighboring communities. Please complete your spay & neuter form here, and we will get back with you shortly. Certificates are available when we have support, so please consider donating to Loving Care, so we can help additional pets in need.

Fill out the form, or call to get on the wait list – when funds are available, we will call you back so you can make an appointment with the vet.

Trap/Neuter/Return for Feral Cats

What Is Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)? TNR is the method of humanely trapping feral cats, having them spayed or neutered, vaccinated for rabies, and then returned to their colony to live out their lives. TNR also involves a colony caretaker who provides food and adequate shelter, and monitors the cats’ health. TNR has been shown to be the least costly as well as the most efficient and humane way of stabilizing feral cat populations. Loving Care will assist with training volunteers how to humanely trap feral cats, and will also assist in providing spay and neuter services, with certificates. Please email us at for more information.
Feral cats live in empty lots and condemned buildings of almost every neighborhood in the United States. Their lives are short and usually harsh. They struggle to find food and water in an environment filled with the constant threats of disease, starvation, cruelty, and predation. They are abandoned and lost and need our help.

The number of feral cats in the United States is estimated to be in the tens of millions. Sadly, many communities still opt to control populations via outdated methods, including lethal elimination or relocation. Not only are some of these methods horribly cruel, they are also highly ineffective. It’s time to focus on feral cats in the fight to end animal cruelty


The Pet Food Bank is for Lincoln County, Nevada citizens who have found themselves needing temporary assistance caring for their beloved pets. If a citizen is in need, please contact us at 800.441.3125 or 775-728-4109. We will do our best to help all those in need; however, we rely on food donations from our caring community. 
If you can help us by donating dog or cat food (wet or dry) we encourage you to do so. You can donate food by dropping it off at 1285B Main  St., Panaca, NV 89042, or mailing it to P.O. Box 284, Panaca, NV 89042, or by going to our Amazon Smile account and purchasing it that way (here is the link).
Items you can donate are: dry dog/cat food, wet dog/cat food, dog/cat treats. 

Loving Care Dog Park

Travelers are welcome to visit and rest at the Loving Care Dog Park! Take a relaxing break at our cute, comfortable, and fenced-in park, while letting your dogs run free. One important goal of Loving Care is to provide a safe environment for people and pets who reside in Lincoln County, Nevada, and those wonderful visitors who stop by and say hello. Visit our thrift store while in the area, too. Enjoy!