Q: Why is this dog or cat in your program, and may I get more information?
A: Pets are accepted in our program for various reasons. Their stories are amazing and inspirational. Most just need a little time and help before they find a loving home. 80% are transferred from other shelters or rescue groups where they were scheduled to be euthanized, labeled unadoptable or sat in a shelter for an extended period of time. 20% come directly from people in the community. People go through trauma as well and often when that happens, their pet needs to be rehomed. Seniors, military, a death in the family or an adoption from another shelter that simply didn’t work out are the most common reasons. As part of our adoption process, you have an opportunity to sit down with someone and hear the story of each pet you meet. It’s important to us that you know what they’ve experienced in life. It gives you insight and an opportunity to connect and see if it’s the right match for your family.
Q: May I visit your organization to see available dog and cats? 
A: Absolutely! Email us at susan@lovingcareanimalsociety.org to schedule an appointment.During your appointment, you can even meet several others perhaps that may be good potential matches for your lifestyle. We love to show you options and get your feedback, then together we can start narrowing it down to the perfect fit. Appointments allow us to give you our full attention. Everybody wins! 
Q: How long will the adoption process take, and what do I have to do?
A: The exact amount of time varies with each adoption. Every pet is different. Some can go home right away, others may need a little more time. In most cases, we like our adopters to have a little bit of a relationship with the pet prior to taking them home. It’s a fun and exciting process and all about relationship building. We move the adoption along at the pace that’s most comfortable for the pet and adopter. It’s all about you and your new pet!
Q: I submitted my application a few days ago. Why haven’t I heard anything back yet?
A: We apologize for any wait Since the processing of applications could take a week or more, please understand that we do try to process applications and facilitate adoptions as quickly as humanly possible.
Q: I applied for a pet that you say isn’t good with children, but I really like this pet. If I promise to supervise my kids around this animal, may I adopt it anyway?
A: We strive for good matches when it comes to pets and their potential new families. Some animals have certain issues that must be taken into consideration. Although you might have good intentions, it would not be fair to you or the animal for a “mismatched” adoption to occur.
Q:  I want to take the puppy/kitten home for a few days to see if it fits in well with my family first. May I do this?
A: Absolutely. We encourage this!
Q: I have to work eight hours each day; does this disqualify me from adopting a puppy?
A: Puppies take loads of time, attention, and training. Therefore, we strongly suggest that puppies under six months of age will not be alone for more than four hours at a time in an eight hour workday. We highly encourage working families to consider older puppies and adult dogs, but if your heart is set on a puppy, please consider doggie daycare.
Q: Are there any advantages to adopting an older pet rather than a puppy/kitten?
A: Most often an older pet has already gone through the chewing, house soiling, and overactive baby stages. An older pet may adjust to your routine more quickly and, of course, will give you a great deal of loyalty and love. There are so many reasons why you should consider an older pet. Contact us and we’ll tell you why!
Q: What are your adoption fees, and what do they cover?
A: Adoption fees are free; however, a donation would be much appreciated.
We spend approximately $400 to get a pet (dog or cat) ready for adoption, but worry more about finding these precious pets a loving home, one in which they will be well-fed, given plenty of exercise, be able to come inside your home to keep warm and safe, and be given the proper medical check-ups and treatments when needed. Thank you for caring!