Our mission is to assist in the wellness and care of Lincoln County, Nevada’s dogs and cats. Through community partnerships, we are putting our resources to work providing for medical needs and finding loving homes for these animals.

Loving Care Founders

Susan and Max Austgen decided to settle in Panaca, Nevada, and, as they began their new life there, one thing was disturbing—they kept finding homeless dogs and cats. They just had to assist these pets in need, as there were just so many. Susan and Max rolled up their sleeves and started finding these helpless dogs and cats loving homes, after which many needed medical care as well. For the cats (especially the outdoor free-roaming feral cats), the goal was to get them spayed and neutered. As these two met more neighbors, they found this problem was occurring all over the area. Lincoln County didn’t have an “animal control” or “animal shelter”, so, after careful consideration, the couple realized that the right thing to do was to create Loving Care Animal Society. They started this 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the spring of 2012.

Our Story

Loving Care Animal Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Loving Care is situated in the town of Panaca, Nevada, which lies within the Lincoln County boundaries. There are no veterinarians within 90 miles in any direction, and therefore Susan and her husband, Max, knew something must be done to assist pet owners and their beloved pets.
Loving Care’s many objectives include finding homes for pets that can be placed; providing trap/neuter/return programs for feral cats (free-roaming outdoor cats); offering low-cost spay/neuter certificates to pet owners (and even transportation when needed); providing wellness and other veterinary services; offering discount shopping opportunities at the Loving Care Thrift Store; allowing free access to the Loving Care Dog Park, and offering fostering and other volunteer opportunities.
Lincoln County’s high school had a building they no longer needed, and it was donated to Loving Care. Since moving this building to our property on Main Street in Panaca, we have been working on remodeling the property. The basement will be a place where we can keep feral cats after they’ve been spayed or neutered, where they’ll be safe, warm, and fed, until they’re able to be released outside.
We have many more plans for Loving Care Animal Society, and with your loyal support – we know they are all a real possibility!

Loving Care Dog Park

Travelers are welcome to visit and rest at the Loving Care Dog Park! Take a relaxing break at our cute, comfortable, and fenced-in park, while letting your dogs run free. One important goal of Loving Care is to provide a safe environment for people and pets who either reside in Lincoln County, or those wonderful visitors who stop by and say hello. Visit our thrift store while in the area too. Enjoy!